Release Net::Rexster::Client!

I just wrote Net::Rexster::Client (see under

One of the graphDB problem is that each graphDB has dialect and if you switch the database, you need to rewrite the code to adapt to the replaced db. Rexster( is REST server for graph DBs which provides common interface for multiple graphDBs, so that the client of graphdb won't care which db is used. It enables us to use the same query to get/create/delete the nodes/edges even the graphDB is changed.

Well, we have more bigger issue here. We don't have perl module to access to graphDB!! Yes, Net::Rexster::Cient is for Perl + GraphDB user.

I'm planning to write more high-level interface, like bulbflow( (I guess I can't write that much funcional but something similar to it using Net::Rexster::Client)

Have fun :)

ということで, Perl Moudle 第二弾としてNet::Rexster::Clientを書いてみました。