To Hateruma island


Rito(離島) terminal is the port to go to small islands by ferry. You can buy ticket in this terminal. Please make sure the HP of ferry in the morning because some routes, especially to Hateruma and Iriomote could be cancelled due to the wether/waves. The wave is a bit strong. If you are not good at taking ship, you may better to consider to take medicine to weaken it. It takes about 60 min to get to the island.

Hateruma island(波照間島) where is the most Southern island who people live in Japan. As per the wikipedia, population of the island is 547 people. There are couple of hotel/hostel in the island. (I guess, you better to speak basic Japanese if you stay in the island becasue you might experience difficulty.. or go with Japanese friend)

As per news paper, the wave today is 4m..

Once I arrived at the island, you can rent a bicycle and go aroudnd the island. I won’t upload the pics today because the sky is clouded. It seems that it’s sunny tomorrow. I will take the photo tomorrow.

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